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Publication Date: 10/3/23
Ages 6-12
$20.00 (discounts vary)

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Psalms of Wonder

A psalm is a song that we sing to God.

Sometimes the psalmists are joyful, sometimes troubled. Sometimes they’re angry, at the world or at God. Sometimes they’re overwhelmed by God’s love or dazzled by the beauty of God’s world. But however they feel, they bring it all to God—their mess, their pain, and their joy. Through many generations, people have called on the beloved ancient songs to express their deepest emotions to God and one another.

For readers of all ages, these inviting poems and gorgeous illustrations are inspired by the book of Psalms, echoing all its wonder and courage, comfort and joy, protection and love. For children, Psalms of Wonder offers an introduction, bridging to the beloved phrases and images of Scripture. For readers who already know and love the Psalms, the poems reveal a refreshing new perspective while holding true to respected biblical translations. Perfect for savoring and sharing, this luminous collection will resonate deep in the hearts of God’s children.

Psalms of Wonder is perfect for using as a devotional and studying the Psalms, both at home and in group settings of all ages! To support your educational and devotional uses of this book, we've created free digital resources, which can be downloaded at

Also available in Spanish.


“By simplifying the psalms, Wallace tries to provide more accessibility and understanding for children. Le’s gorgeous, vibrantly colored paintings aptly accompany the various themes and are a graceful addition to the book…A lovely book.” 

School Library Journal

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