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Rights Information for Virtual Story Time

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Greetings from Flyaway Books!   


We’ve heard from many who wish to offer video readings of our children’s books.


We’re very happy for you to do so! In most cases, you may livestream readings or prerecord and post them on your website and social media channels.

Prerecorded videos should be posted on closed platforms. Examples include Google Classroom, private Facebook groups, and restricted-access websites. If you wish to share via YouTube, please set the video to private.

We also ask that you please:

  • Mention in your video that you are reading with permission from Flyaway Books

  • Tag us in any social media announcements you share about your reading. You can find us on:

On some titles, we’ve partnered with other publishers whose guidelines vary. For information on Where Is Home Daddy Bear?, Where Are You Hiding, God?, and What in the World Is Wrong with Gisbert? please contact


Sharing Images

It’s fine for readers to show the book’s illustrations during the reading. However, we do ask that you refrain from sharing images of the individual book pages on your sites, except as explained in the next paragraph. Also, please note that we do not allow books to be shared and scanned via PDF.


You are always welcome to share pictures of our book covers on your social media channels and/or websites. If you’d like to share interior images from our books to advertise your virtual story time, please link to the preview pages on our site. For example, here’s a preview of Brian the Brave by Paul Stewart and illustrator Jane Porter. You can access the preview pages by clicking on the “Flyaway Preview” button, located on the top right side of each 3D book cover on our website.


Thanks for working so hard to reach children and families. It’s wonderful to see our work shared in creative ways and we are committed to helping in whatever way we can.


The Flyaway Books Team

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