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Publication Date: 3/19/19
Ages 3-7
$10.00 (discounts vary)

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Who Counts? (Korean Edition)

Who Counts? is a creative retelling of three popular parables: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. As young readers count to help the characters find what’s missing, Who Counts? teaches that every one of us counts in God’s eyes and that everyone should feel counted.

The stories are beautifully illustrated with modern-day characters and a diversity of ethnicities so that all children will be able to see themselves in the stories. A special note for parents and teachers is included.

Free, downloadable coloring pages can be found at

Also available in English. Also available in Spanish.

Reviews for English-Language Edition

“All three stories are true to their biblical roots, but Meganck’s handsome paintings of diverse characters and present-day settings may help readers find greater connections to their messages about value, faithfulness, and appreciation.”

Publishers Weekly

“Three well-known parables from the New Testament Gospel of Luke come together in a remarkable way in Who Counts? 100 Sheep, 10 Coins, and 2 Sons.

Foreword Reviews

“An unusual and creative interpretation of the three parables, offering the satisfying conclusion that each person (or sheep or coin) matters and should be counted.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Levine and Sasso's simple prose, set alongside Margaux Meganck’s culturally-sensitive illustrations, creates an expansive vision in which everybody counts.”

Christian Century

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