Jacketed Hardback
Publication Date: 3/2/21
Ages 3-7
$18.00 (discounts vary)

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Walking toward Peace

The True Story of a Brave Woman Called Peace Pilgrim

Written by Kathleen Krull

Illustrated by Annie Bowler

She gave up everything: her home, her possessions, even her real name. She called herself Peace Pilgrim, put on her sneakers, and started off on her quest to walk thousands of miles all around America. Step by step, mile after mile, Peace Pilgrim traveled tirelessly, inviting everyone she met to consider a world where each person and each nation chooses peace.

This true story about a little-known woman who sacrificed everything for her convictions inspires us to step out for what we believe in, gathering others to join us along the way.


"In this inspiring story, the young reader will travel with Peace Pilgrim across the county. . . . A good way to start conversations about choosing peace."

Kirkus Reviews

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