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Jacketed Hardback
Publication Date: 04/09/24
Ages 3-7
$19.00 (discounts vary)

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Saving Delicia

A Story about Small Seeds and Big Dreams

Written by Laura Gehl

Illustrated by Patricia Metola

Kari’s favorite parts of summer are eating juicy fruit from the delicia tree and listening to stories from Old Otis. But now the last remaining delicia is in danger. What if this beloved tree dies out? Is there anything one girl can do? With inspiration, information, and a pocketful of seeds, Kari sets out to craft a surprise for Otis—and for the future.

This tender story celebrates the connections between generations, emphasizing that small steps can have a big impact when one looks beyond the present. An author’s note about seed banks around the world is included.


“This uplifting, economically told tale is about hope and how one generation inspires another; it reassuringly reminds children that they can improve the world.”

Kirkus Reviews

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