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Jacketed Hardback
Publication Date: 3/19/24
Ages 3-7
$19.00 (discounts vary)

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The Dress in the Window

That dress! It shimmers, so radiant and red. As the boy stares at it, full of wonder, he has just one wish: to put on that dress and to swirl and to swish. He’ll do anything to earn enough to buy it from the secondhand shop, but he’ll have to hurry. There’s just one red dress in the window!

This playful and imaginative story of self-expression brims with the infectious joy that comes when a child’s individuality is met with wholehearted support and love.

A resource list for parents and caregivers who want to learn more about gender identity and expression in children, along with coloring pages featuring the dress and other clothes from the shop, is available at


“Sweet and uplifting.” 

Kirkus Reviews

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