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Jacketed Hardback
Publication Date: 3/23/21
Ages 3-7
$18.00 (discounts vary)

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Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant

“Maybe I can help!” exclaimed Arthur.

At least he hopes he can. But how? What does this forgetful elephant need? Arthur doesn’t know, but he’s determined to find out as he and the elephant share a playful and colorful day.

Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant explores memory loss from the perspective of both those who forget and those around them. With spare writing and poignant art, this story reminds us that compassion and togetherness can make even elephant-sized problems seem a little smaller.

A free coloring page featuring Arthur and his new friend, along with a discussion and activity guide developed in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association, are available for download at


"A tale of memory and kindness infused with warmth and a splash of color. . . . Powerful, playful, emotional, and so worth a place on the bookshelf."

 —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A young boy befriends an elderly elephant in this tender tale that works to make the experience of memory loss accessible to children. . . . Starting with a muted palette of reds, grays, and greens, the story gains more color as the two new friends build a connection despite their differences, demonstrating that love and friendship are not things easily forgotten.” 

Foreword Reviews

“In this delightful story, Maria Girón takes readers on a wonderful adventure. . . . Amazing illustrations.” 

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